Tech Damper offers a variety of customized solutions for the energy industry based on client’s particular requirements and specifications.

Our products focus on customized solutions for the energy industry in the field of noise, vibration and fluid dynamics. Damping technologies are our focus area and products can be delivered with a monitoring system. Tech Dampers product portfolio includes solutions from topside to subsea dampers for vibration control in piping and structures. Through world class manufacturing and highly qualified suppliers, Tech Damper delivers solutions that ensure the best possible return of investment through low life-cycle costs and reliability.

Our TMD is a clamp on tuned mass damper for resonance vibration used both top-side and subsea.

The TMD is attached to a vibrating mechanical component, like piping or a slender valve body, effectively reducing the vibrations to acceptable levels. With a tailor made clamp on mechanism, installation of the TMD can be done during operation. A rugged sealed and flame proof housing, a robust inner mechanical construction and double fall protection makes our TMD safe to use even in hazardous areas.

The DRD is a telescopic shock absorber that controls low-frequent Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) and vibration-induced fatigue. The DRD attaches to the vibrating piping and structure, through a wide variety of mounting brackets.

The custom-made force characteristic may be linear, digressive or progressive. A linear force characteristic simplifies the process of analysing its effect on the structure, and ensures total control. The DRD is easy to install and will adapt to any water depth without need for pre-charging or external hydraulics and is resistant to any marine growth.

Permanent Strainers


Tech Damper offers permanent strainers for use in daily process operations. Our conical strainers are customized strainers with increased robustness, and for variable and high flow rates in contrast to traditional strainers.

The Tech Damper permanent strainers are mainly designed to collect items that may cause serious damage to down stream equipment. Tech Damper strainers must not be mistaken with traditional start-up strainers only used for commissioning and initial start-up periods.